Baumann chairs - The genius of the 70s
I'd like to take you with me into the universe of Baumann chairs, timeless symbols of design and innovation in the history of furniture. For over a century, Baumann chairs have embodied excellence in craftsmanship and traditional know-how, seducing vintage design enthusiasts with their timeless elegance and remarkable quality. Come with me into the history of these iconic pieces, which have stood the test of time with grace and style.

While I was looking for a Baumann chair for my personal use, I was lucky enough to discover a most fascinating site"Merchant & Found"hosted by Paul, a fervent fan of chairs and their history!

His article on the evolution and significance of chairs through the ages deeply inspired me, reminding me of the importance of design and innovation in the world of furniture. Among the many chair manufacturers Paul mentions, the Baumann story particularly caught my attention.

Allow me to introduce you, in turn, to the world of Baumann chairs (if you have a good command of English, I recommend that you read his article , which is a real source of inspiration!)

The emergence of the furniture industry: let's go back a few years together...

How was the chair born?

Over the centuries, chairs have occupied a central place in our lives, evolving with changing needs and trends. As Paul so aptly points out, chairs have been around since time immemorial, offering refuge to weary legs and testifying to human ingenuity in the creation of comfort and beauty. From the earliest days, they have been the product of craftsmanship, made from locally available materials and often adorned with intricate details, reflecting the styles and cultures of their time.

How did the chair evolve?

Over time, chairs have become much more than just seats. They have become works of art and witnesses to history. Each design period has brought its own innovations and distinct styles, influenced by technological advances, available materials and society's changing tastes. 

The revolutionary technique of steam bending, introduced by Michael Thonet in the 19th century, marked a major turning point in the history of chair manufacturing. By enabling large-scale industrial production and paving the way for innovative new designs, this method transformed the furniture industry and contributed to the growing popularity of chairs worldwide. Factories multiplied, designers gave free rein to their creativity and consumers had access to an ever-wider range of models.

Chaises baumann

The timeless heritage of Baumann chairs

The Baumann chair saga is a fascinating chapter in the history of furniture. 

Founded in 1901 by Swiss visionary Emile Baumann, the company took root in Colombier Fontaine, France. Inspired by the rise of the furniture industry in the late 19th century and eager to contribute to this creative effervescence, Baumann quickly emerged as a major player of its time.

As Paul says, these chairs capture the essence of French design, combining classic elegance with modern functionality.

Baumann's golden period, which reached its peak in the 60s and 70s, was marked by a profusion of creativity and innovation. Aware of emerging trends and changing consumer tastes, the company reinvented itself while remaining true to its core values. The chairs produced during this period, imbued with the spirit of the mid-century, bear witness to the bold vision and aesthetics for which Baumann is renowned.

Baumann chairs come in several models, each with its own distinct charm: the Colombe, the Mondor, the Broche, the Gentiane, the Classique, the Bistro, the Café and the Mouette. I invite you to take a look at them on Paul's website,which presents them beautifully.

The Mondor and Dove, for example, are symbols of French elegance, with their clean lines and sophisticated allure. Their timeless design makes them ideal for any interior.

Other models, such as the Gentiane and Bistro, are imbued with the rustic charm of Parisian cafés, evoking a warm, friendly atmosphere. Their sturdy construction and good looks make them popular choices for living and dining spaces. 

Today, the heritage of Baumann chairs is more relevant than ever. As an interior designer, I'm constantly on the lookout for unique, authentic pieces to enrich my projects. Baumann chairs are the perfect example of the fusion between vintage aesthetics and contemporary functionality. Their presence in a space adds a touch of history and character, while offering incomparable comfort to those who sit in them. Their timeless design and exceptional quality continue to inspire designers and furniture enthusiasts around the world, testifying to the ability of well-crafted design to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Photos chaises baumann

Baumann chairs are in short supply!

As demand for Baumann chairs continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find these vintage furniture treasures. Paul eloquently expresses his love for these chairs and his commitment to preserving them for future generations. I fully share his enthusiasm and am convinced that every Baumann chair deserves to be cherished and preserved. 

By the way, if anyone has 10 black BAUMANN MOUETTE chairs, please don't hesitate to contact me !

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