Our home team is composed of professionals that have worked with us for many years and have proved their extreme professionalism. They have shown excellent work, collaborative and respectful interaction, punctuality and respect for clients’ environments and a real passion for their individual specialties. It has been an honour to work with them.





Julien Cortade

Interior Designer

Stéphane Insera et associés


Franck Lallement et Mikaël Rodriguez

General contractor

Thomas Vegh


Interviews with the team



Les Arts Décoratifs et l’Architecture d’intérieur sont des domaines qui me passionnent depuis toujours. Lorsque j’ai émis l’idée de créer une agence d’architecture, de décoration d’intérieure et rénovation full-service architecture, interior design and renovation agency, I had no idea of the richness and pleasure I would find there. Conceiving spaces, designing furniture, sourcing the finest materials, forging partnerships with exceptional international suppliers, and above all building lasting relationships with our customers. When they entrust us with the overall coordination of their project, our customers have the flexibility to choose how much time and energy they wish to devote to it, and we take care of the rest. The search for trades, materials and decoration, planning, contingency management and quality of execution are all handled by our team of professionals.  

I began my journey decorating and renovating homes, designing furniture, kitchens, and bathrooms, continually adding to my knowledge, and acquiring a highly competent portfolio of professional tradesmen. With a growing clientele, requesting a larger range of services, we decided to open MAISON TCHENIO, a full-service decoration, and renovations agency. To complete our offer, we recently inaugurated a beautiful showroom in Aix en Provence, where our creative team can work and in which we can receive our clients.    

Born in Montreal, Canada, my studies in Finance offered me the ability to prepare and adhere to the financial boundaries of a project. Ten years in the luxury hospitality and events industries taught me the importance of service; listening and reacting to client needs. Along the way, I designed several homes, furniture, kitchens, and bathrooms and schooled myself for over 20 years in the decorative arts. Later, as a real estate agent in the luxury home market in France, I realized that there was a true need for a bilingual company that would accompany clients from A to Z in their home projects. By combining these strengths, MAISON TCHENIO was created.


At Maison Tchenio we work in a dynamic, respectful, and collaborative environment. Our team is very complementary, which is essential to the success of our projects. I have an exciting and varied job where I truly thrive.

After 30 years as a colorist, I decided to retrain as a professional decorator, going back to what has always been my greatest passion. Today I have the pleasure of working extremely closely with our customers in order understand their expectations and help conceptualize their projects. I particularly enjoy sourcing new suppliers who meet specific client requests. I can spend hours looking for the perfect lamp, the most beautiful handle, or a wallpaper that will make all the difference... I also enjoy managing the fine details at the end of a project in order to insure that the final result is perfect.

Interior Designer 

Maison Tchenio has an extremely solid, competent and above all multi-purpose team. 

Passionate about the arts as well as painting from a young age, I am a graduate in product design and interior architecture. In addition, I am an independent artist.

My goal is to provide each client with a realistic vision of the proposed project by creating three dimensional images, allowing for space, volume, and light. I begin by drawing the existing plans of the site to be renovated. Once the project is ready, I translate the architectural designs using 3D modeling. I also work on conception as well as the execution plans that illustrate the custom-made furniture for our tradesmen.