Designing a living or working space can be a difficult challenge. Between design choices, budgets, deadlines and coordination of different professionals, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's where interior architects come in !

When you have an idea for a renovation or construction project, you have many questions! Where to start ? What are the best material options ? How do you find qualified contractors to do the work ? And how long will it take to complete the project ? 

It's important to be thoughtful, organized and well advised. 

Because this project can be the project of a lifetime !

Up to now, we don't teach you anything!


Often you are hesitant to call in an interior designer because the desire to manage the project yourself and find inspiration on the Internet, for example, is very appealing.

So, why is it a good idea to be coached by an architect or an interior design agency ?

In this article, our team has compiled the main reasons for contacting an interior designer. 

First of all, here are five general reasons :

1. His expertise

It seems obvious, but sometimes we forget !The expertise of interior architects allows you to benefit from professional and personalised design and project management. This can help minimise costly mistakes and ensure that the end results meet your expectations in terms of functionality, aesthetics and budget. Wanting to manage everything yourself in order to save money can sometimes go wrong and end up being more expensive.

Interior designers have a thorough knowledge of design principles, project management and building standards.

Their design expertise allows them to create functional and enjoyable spaces that meet your needs and desires. They can design floor plans, elevations, detailed drawings and mock-ups to help you visualise the final result.

3. Budget Management

Budget management is an essential part of any interior design project! It is probably the most important constraint in our greatest dreams. So we might as well get it right.

Interior designers can help you define a realistic budget for your project by estimating the costs of materials, manpower and other project-related expenses. Sometimes you can forget about "small" expenses that end up totally changing the budget you set for yourself.

Once the budget is set, they ensure that expenses are kept within the established limits. They provide you with recommendations on the choice of materials and other design elements that suit your aesthetic preferences within the established budget. 

Thanks to numerous partnerships and collaborations with international suppliers and contractors, they benefit from preferential, competitive prices or discounts for materials and labour. 


4. Managing the entire project and meeting deadlines

In terms of project management, interior designers are well equipped to manage the details and timelines associated with the design and construction process. They can coordinate with contractors and suppliers to ensure that work is completed on time and to specification. They can also ensure compliance with building codes and government regulations.

An interior designer can take over project management from design to completion, ensuring that everything goes according to plan and on time.

5. Having access to (the right) resources

Already, architects often have established contacts with quality manufacturers and suppliers of materials, which can help ensure that clients have access to the best options for their project.

Second, they often have access to advanced design software, visualization tools and other resources that can help create detailed models and plans for your project. This can help you envision and better understand how your space will be laid out through construction plans.

Finally, they have access to qualified and experienced contractors who can help ensure that the project is carried out in a professional and efficient manner. This may include contractors for construction, electrical, plumbing, lighting and other aspects of the building.

Now, more specific reasons : 

2. A personalized design

Interior designers are knowledgeable about current design trends and can recommend choices of materials, colours and textures to create a cohesive, modern look. They can also assist in the selection of furniture, lighting, accessories and other decorative elements to complement the overall design.

They collaborate closely with their clients to create a custom design that reflects their style and meets their needs. They help you find creative solutions for difficult spaces or complex design problems.

At Maison Tchenio, we focus on the first phase. The one where we meet the customer! We receive them in our magnificent showroom to welcome them in a friendly and very pleasant space; we take the time to get to know them, to listen to them, to understand their project in order to guide them in the best possible way and to be certain that we are the right agency for them!

 6. Save Space

By understanding space requirements, they provide intelligent design solutions that save space without sacrificing functionality or comfort. For example, they can use built-in furniture, fitted cupboards, shelving and bespoke storage units to maximise storage space and reduce clutter.

In addition, interior designers can use design techniques such as creative lighting, colours and textures to create an illusion of space and make rooms more spacious and welcoming. They can also use intelligent design solutions to integrate multi-functional spaces, such as home offices or guest rooms, into small spaces.

This can not only improve the aesthetics and functionality of your space, but also increase the value of your property in the long term.

 8. Sustainability


The sustainability of a property is another important aspect that you may not think about. For example, creating sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces with green design solutions and using sustainable and recyclable materials.

This may be by working with local craftsmen to create bespoke furniture and accessories, or by using sustainable materials such as recycled wood, bamboo, cork and other renewable materials. In addition, they can recommend energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and appliances to reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of the space.

In addition, interior designers can also help you conceptualise flexible and adaptable spaces that can be rearranged or reconfigured to meet changing needs, rather than having to be completely rebuilt or renovated. This can help reduce construction waste and extend the life of the space.

Not only can you reduce your environmental impact, but you can also reduce costs in the long term by saving money on energy bills and extending the life of your property. It can also help to increase the value of their property in the long term.

9. Added value !

Working with an interior designer can increase the value of your home. Professional and well-executed designs can attract potential buyers and increase the resale value of your property. Think of everything (almost everything)! 

Let's stop here, but as you can see, renovating or building is a profession! And sometimes, entrusting your project to experts can finally be more profitable. Moreover, entrusting your project does not mean not taking care of it, but being accompanied.

If you wish to know more or talk about your future project, MAISON TCHENIO, our bilingual agency in Aix-en-Provence, will be happy to help you and guide you in clarifying your ideas. 

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