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I entrusted Ruth Tchenio with an "empty shell", a beautiful unfinished house with no amenities and no soul. With all her energy, determination and impeccable taste, she transformed these 300 m2 into a veritable jewel of warmth, practicality and distinction. She guided, advised and accompanied me in every choice I made, from the restructuring of each room to the choice of cushions, light fittings or door knobs, not forgetting the tiling, the custom-built bookcases, the installation of a fireplace... 

She advised me on the choice of each tradesperson and followed my needs and expectations with regularity and attention.   

The transformation was radical, effective and perfectly executed, just the way I like it. Ruth Tchenio or how to go from an empty shell to a comfortable, rich and cozy jewel box!

– Adeline C.

I've noticed that most people often feel that a professional decorator is superfluous. They believe that they have enough confidence and taste to manage things on their own. I could never think that after I started working with Ruth. Firstly, she was very attentive to our needs and constraints. Then she gently pushed us out of our comfort zone with proposals for choices and custom-made options that we could not have imagined on our own. She also helped us to choose very professional craftsmen who we loved... In short, we were delighted with the service of a true professional and we would adore conceiving a whole new home just to do a new project with her!  

– Maud H.

In our seventies, we moved after 50 years in the same house, and the task seemed insurmountable! Maison Tchenio advised us on the renovation and decoration of a 110 m apartment to be completely renovated.

Taking into account a somewhat limited budget, Ruth first listened to us. Then, with her highly professional team, she patiently, energetically and tastefully guided us through the choices we made, on time and without compromising our wallet. She created an elegant, functional atmosphere in which some indispensable family heirlooms found their place among the new items.  

Every day, we are once again amazed by our new home. Once again, a huge THANK YOU!

– Betty T

Following my move to the Hôpital Privé de Provence, I was looking for an agency that could advise and assist me in the conceptualisation and decoration of my medical offices. Ruth and her team managed all of my needs while respecting the deadlines and the proposed budget. Ruth is very available and carefully listened to my ideas. She proposed a stunning custom-made solid oak screen to separate the consultation and examination rooms and provided a full decoration plan for the office and waiting room. The result is a particularly cozy and elegant but professional atmosphere.

I'm delighted with my office and my patients are equally delighted. I can only thank Maison Tchenio for this highly professional service.

- Dr Olivier Marpeau

Maison Tchenio is a real favorite! Inspiring and authentic, where creativity, mastery and professionalism are the order of the day. Asked to redecorate after a new renovation, Ruth TCHENIO was able to understand and surpass my expectations and was a true source of inspiration throughout. 

Her trademark remains her strong sense of detail, loads of creativity particularly for made to measure furniture and the strong trusting relationships that she develops with clients. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work done. Thank you.

- Karima T

I can't say enough about Ruth and Maison Tchenio! She really facilitated our project, which is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I feel very lucky to have found someone who not only has an incredible sense of style, but who listens and takes her time to understand what works for you. The fact that she is perfectly bilingual was a great relief to be able to communicate our needs and desires in our mother tongue. She was very professional, reliable and a constant source of inspiration! Thank you Ruth.


– Erin J

I contacted Maison Tchenio on the recommendation of a friend. I wanted to rethink the spaces and decor in my home, which had also become my workplace. How could I harmoniously separate my private and professional lives?  

Ruth TCHENIO was able to understand my needs and helped me to determine my very specific needs and tastes . I am thrilled with the results! Throughout the project, her team was extremely professional and adapted to the fact that I was working while they were demolishing, installing and repainting... Thank you for your flexibility!

I am now able to live and work under one roof comfortably. Mission accomplished !

– Sylvie B